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Using Triggers and Automations to Increase Profitability and Efficiency

In this book we’ll show how to magically automate key processes behind the scenes that give your staff, vendors, and guests the feeling of a hands on experience while you realize more profitability and efficiency in your operations. There is no better time than now to continue a focus on profit and reducing labor expenses.


While it’s impossible to cover 1.2 million Triggers and Automations combinations, we wanted to get your started with a few ideas in key areas of your operations.

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Triggers made by



Surveys sent by Automations


Payment reminders made by Automations

Checkin Instructions

Check-in Instructions sent by Trigger


Door Code sent by


Work Orders

Maintenance Work Orders created by Trigger

Recent Trigger and Automation Enhancements by TRACK

Survey Feature

Updating Survey Conditions

In Triggers and Automations with the object of a survey response there are now conditions for segmenting the surveys based on location, brand, or campaign

Automated Housekeeping

Automated Housekeeping

Now you can set a scheduled interval within housekeeping preferences. This interval will allow you to set how many days in advance of departure a work order will be created.

Payment Automation

Payment Reminder Automation

Giving people a heads-up before money is taken out of their account is never a bad idea.  With Track, you can customize when you want to give contacts this gentle reminder.

Happy Workers Make

Happy Guests


Mark Bastin

“Using the TRACK system allows us to communicate and know the whole history of the conversation from the point of inquiry all the way to the booking.”

-Yonder Luxury Vacation Rentals


Marissa Thiele

“The whole process with TRACK from the start was super easy. They provided great support to us and there is also e-learning that is available for anyone who came after the go live. It has been super easy to get them up and running which is great when you're training new team members.”

- Sage Hospitality 

Johan Lourens

Johan Lourens

"This is by far the most user friendly software out for the vacation rental industry. Very easy to learn and use. Everything in one place from front desk, maintenance, housekeeping, and accounting. Guest portal is a HUGE plus, with everything the guest needs for their stay."

-Eden Crest Vacation Rentals

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